I work to the following guidelines:

  • I use the Style manual for authors, editors and printers, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Sixth edition, 2002 and the Macquarie Dictionary as guides to correct Australian language conventions. These publications are the preferred style guides for Australian government departments.
  • I can use any preferred style guides or sheets provided and either Australian, British or American spelling conventions.
  • I follow the Institute of Professional Editors Limited’s Australian standards for editing practice, Second edition, 2013.
  • I will discuss with you exactly what work you would like done on your document and how you would like corrections or suggestions to be presented—proofreading marks, correction reports or electronically with Track Changes.
  • No changes would be made without you approving of them; corrections and alternative suggestions would be made only on copies of a manuscript or document.
  • I do not request recognition nor claim copyright.
  • At all times I aim to provide a high standard of work within the agreed deadline.